Brand Story

Actyva was created in Umbria’s Upper Tiber Valley as an exclusive ICEA Vegan certified hair care line for hairdressers. It includes treatments and services produced with the highest standards of quality, to make their business grow and stand out in the market. Today like in 1978, Actyva aligns science and nature for the service of beauty, a never-ending search for the perfect synergy between natural ingredients and technologically advanced raw materials.

Product Details

In the ingredients and throughout the entire production cycle of Actyva products, no raw material or process aid of animal and/or GMO origin is used.

The Fine Line between Science and Nature
Actyva is the balance between the allies that nature provides and scientific research, which turns them into valuable cosmetic ingredients that are enhanced, artfully dosed and balanced in perfect and incredibly effective formulas.

Green&Clean Cosmetics
Our procedural guideline stands on three pillars: transparency
towards all users, Green&Clean formulations certified according
to new, highly advanced standards, and safety and sustainability
for the environment and consumers.

Actyva and Sabre

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