Fudge (Australia only)

Brand Story

Fudge gives free-thinkers unnaturally good-looking hair. 

We live in a world of side hustles that celebrates versatility, entrepreneurialism and experimentation. But when it comes to hairstyles, most of us stick to what we know. 

Fudge celebrates the people who refuse to be labelled or ‘boxed in’ to one job, one lifestyle, one set of friends and one hairstyle. We’re for people who want to turn heads, make a statement and defy expectations.

Product Details

Fudge is the industry’s most iconic blonde hair range. Fudge Clean Blonde is recognised as a world leader of blonde violet toning. Erase damage & unwanted yellow tones in 1 wash. Unique bond-building Opti-PLEX™ technology reverses damage & makes hair 90% stronger in just 1 use.

Fudge is doing their bit for the environment. We even have a sustainability promise. By 2025 we will use:

  • 25% Less Plastic
  • 30% Recycled content in plastic packaging
  • 100% of materials in reusable, recyclable or compostible packaging.

The journey so far:

  • All our jars now contain 30% less plastic
  • All our jars are now 100% recyclable
  • All our bottle jars now contain PCR / PIR
  • All our aerosols are fully recycable
  • 76% of our styling range now contain PCR / PIR (We are working hard to make it 100%)
  • 73% of our products are fully recyclable (We are working hard to make it 100%)
Fudge and Sabre

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